Russian writer Maksim Gor'kii left it saying "a book is a progressive stair of the human".
It is to learn to read a book.It does not have the end to learn and continues progressing as far as I live.
These stairs don’t have the end as far as there’re curiosity and the passion that we’re strong in.


宛 超凡

1 9 9 1 年中国河北省固安県生まれ。2 0 1 3 年に中国西南大学を卒業。現在日本明治大学在籍中。

中野 翔大朗

1 9 8 9 年栃木県生まれ、東京都在住。

矢崎 花

1 9 9 4 年生まれ。東京芸術大学デザイン科在籍中。現在グラフィック、エディトリアルデザインを中心に活動。「J A G D A おいしい東北パッケージデザイン展2 0 1 5 」学生優秀賞受賞。

Wan Chaofan

Born in Gu'an,Hebei,China,1991.
Currently lives and words in Tokyo.Graduated at Southwest University ,China,in 2013.Now studying at Meiji University.

Shotaro Nakano

Born in Tochigi,Japan,1989.Lives and words in Tokyo.Graduated at Nihon University,in 2012. 26th session student at "Night School".

Hana Yazaki

Born in Kanagawa,Japan,1994.Studying at Tokyo Art University.Currently working as a graphic designer.Won"Jadga"
StudentExellence Award.